Big Picture Initiative

After working with the Big Picture Initiative team for almost a year, and the non profit growing and changing during the pandemic, we all realized that having an updated website was necessary. I worked directly with the board of directors, the founders, and my college professor/mentor to execute a complete website redesign that represented and displayed all that Big Picture was proud to have accomplished. The redesign took 2 months and everyone was proud of the results.

With the world switching to a completely digital platform during the pandemic, Big Picture had to adjust as well. Their solution was the addition of the online magazine, Giving Voice. The new website had to not only showcase Big Picture’s community projects and murals, but also hold an entire digital zine platform. I made sure the organization, along with the backend website structure, would allow for all needs to be met.

Website redesigns never come without their bugs. Since we were working with a live site, it was difficult to work with separate themes at the same time. Luckily I had great mentors who could help me when my research was exhausted. The redesign was completed ahead of schedule and met all needs of the non profit!

Similar to Big Picture, ART Inc was growing and changing and was in need of a digital update. The old website was trying to keep up with the new programs, events, and opportunities, but it was time for a full website redesign. This time I worked on my own to execute the redesign while working closely with ART Inc’s founder to make sure the site would have everything it needed to support ART Inc’s wide range of content.

ART Inc’s mission is to “Inspire and empower the community through arts, education, and culture.” And they do this by offering programs, events, and rentals. It was important to have a clear organization to help parents/caregivers easily navigate and sign up their child for these opportunities.

It was important to keep the ART Inc branding consistent through bright colors and playful designs. Using circles, water colors, and a bright color pallet, I was able to showcase the fun nature of ART Inc and cater to their audience.