Giving Voice Digital Magazine

Art Director Work

From the idea stage, through the growth, to the powerful magazine it is today, I have served as the Art Director for Peoria’s community magazine, Giving Voice.

I am honored to bring our student’s stories to life on the page through unique and thoughtful graphic design. These stories matter and I am proud to work with the team connecting the community.

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Illustrating for articles brings an added challenge to a piece. Not only does it have to cater to a specific topic, it has to fit a certain theme, message, and layout.

I greatly enjoyed creating this illustration about how to support local businesses. It was the middle of winter during the pandemic, so I took a drive around Peoria to gain inspiration from our countless local shops. 

Since I am also the Art Director for the magazine and was creating the article layout as well, I had a different perspective on how to fit the illustration into the article. I hope to soon mentor other illustrators on the liberties they can take with their own work as Giving Voice moves forward.


I don’t proclaim to be a writer, but I was honored when asked to write a piece describing my work with the Big Picture Initiative and Giving Voice.

I have been with the team since the spring of 2020 and I am continuously amazed by the projects we are able to work on and student’s lives we are able to be a part of.

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