Creating: An Adventure

The Journey

Jamie’s senior capstone film was created over a span of 16 months. Starting with preproduction planning in the early spring of 2021 and ending with a final showcase at the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s IMAX theater in April of 2022. 

All phases of the production process were documented through a production blog. From the initial ideas in 2021, to the production schedule development to keep her on track, all the way through the trial and errors of production.

Keep reading below to learn more about the journey of “Creating: An Adventure.”

Animation Keynote Speaker

Jamie was selected as the FUSE Keynote Speaker of her animation class to presenting on the largest screen theater in Illinois.

Having the opportunity to see her film, “Creating: An Adventure,” on the big screen and to be the Animation Keynote Speaker was a full circle moment for Jamie. Five years prior, she attended FUSE and was sitting in the same theater while a spark and a dream was building inside. She knew from that moment that animation was what she wanted to do. 

But what she didn’t realize back then, is that animation is not about having your name on the big screen. It is about sharing a message with others, and sharing a message to her younger self, that we really do create our own adventures. So don’t let your own worries or doubts stand in the way from the incredible dreams that you can turn into a reality.

Production Blog

“Creating: An Adventure” was well, an adventure! Check out the journey Jamie took to complete her senior capstone film.

Final Week

As we enter the final week of this 1.5 year process, I finally have a full film. I am using the next 7 days to

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Houston, we have an ocean.

After many issues, setbacks, and crashed renders, we have an ocean! I now can start on the background and character implementation over the weekend. I’ll

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Milestone 12 Progress

I finished a lot of work over the past week! Stop motion animation is complete, I have half of the additional 2D character added, and

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Stop Motion Take 3

Finished another pass on my stop motion section. After receiving feedback from one of my professors, I had more ideas on what to do in

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Full Pass Update

I have moved my schedule around a bit, but I am still on schedule! Here are the updates: The first section is 99% complete! There

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